Best Free Online Mutual Fund Investment Platform

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If you are searching for the best free online mutual fund investment platform.

You are on the right page!

Here I provided the best source to invest in a mutual fund without any fee.

Hello, Friends welcome a fresh article of “MultibeggerCalls.Com”. Here in this article, I explain the best online mutual fund investment platform available in India.

If you plan to save move money for your future, a Mutual fund is the best option.

The return rate of mutual funds higher than the bank fixed deposit.

When you visit a bank to invest in a mutual fund, Banks suggest you open a Demat account.

The charges of opening the Demat account at the bank are very high.

But don’t worry here I suggest you how you can invest in mutual funds without paying any extra charges.

Here I suggest the 2 online mutual fund investment platform.

I have already used both platforms to invest in mutual funds.

And also explain how to join one of the best free direct Mutual Fund investment platforms.

By using this platform you can invest in direct mutual funds schemes.

This helps you to generate a 1% to 2% additional return than regular mutual fund schemes.

Before start, you need to understand what is mutual funds and how mutual funds help us to generate a high return.

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What Is Mutual Fund?

What Is Mutual Fund?

A mutual fund is a program where AMC pools money from different investors. Like retail investors and institutional investors.

The fund manager of the mutual fund, Invests the fund in different traded security.

Fund Managers are well experienced in investing in the stock market.

They will properly track all stocks and invest in stock at the right time.

Therefore you will get a high return by investing in the mutual funds.

It’s mean you can invest in the stock market indirectly.

Best Online Mutual Fund Investment Platform.

Best Online Mutual Fund Investment Platform.

Here I suggest two platforms which I personally use to invest in a mutual fund, Both platforms are free.

Free Mutual Fund Investing Platforms:-

FundsIndia and Groww both platforms are providing mutual fund investment for free of cost.

I use both of these platforms Because FundsIndia helps me to complete my KYC processes and they also provide me, fund advisers, for free of cost.

Their Fund adviser suggests the best mutual fund as per my future goals.

And I use Groww because It’s helped me to invest in the direct plan mutual fund. Where the FundsIndia only providing the regular plan of the mutual fund.

It means, I get advice from FundsIndia’s Fund adviser and Invest using Groww.

I think now you understand why I’m using both platforms.

How To Invest In Direct Mutual Funds Online.

How To Invest In Direct Mutual Funds Online.

In the market, there are lots of platforms available in the market to invest in a direct mutual fund.

But most of the platform is paid.

And some of the free platforms do not allow you to invest in all mutual funds.

After doing comprehensive research I found a free platform.

Which allows you to invest in around 37 AMCs.

As per my personal research Groww is the best platform to invest in direct mutual funds.

Groww comes with a simple and user-friendly interface.

This platform is very clean and easy to use.

In the above video, I have explained how you can join this platform.

Advantage Of This Platform

One of the best advantages of Groww is it’s available on the desktop, Android App and iOS App.

You can open a website on a desktop.

As well as you can download the app from the Android Play Store iOS store.

In this platform, you can also see the annual returns of mutual funds.

The 2nd advantage of Groww, You can pay directly to BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange).

There is no mediator between you and your AMC’s.

Here your payment will directly transfer to BSE.

The 3rd advantage of this platform is it helps you with the selection of best mutual funds.

Apart from this, you can also ask questions related to mutual funds on their forum.

Difference Between Direct And Regular Mutual Funds?

Difference Between Direct And Regular Mutual Funds?

The main difference between the direct and regular mutual funds is the expense ratio.

The expense ration of regular mutual funds is higher than direct funds.

In the case of a regular mutual fund, your order goes to the agent and the agent will execute your order to the stock exchange.

And in the case of a direct mutual fund, your order directly goes to the stock exchange.

Thr\erefore the expense ration of the direct mutual funds is lower than regular mutual funds.

You can earn approximately a 1% higher return in the direct mutual fund.

As in the above image you can see how much more return you will get if you invest in direct mutual funds.

Direct Mutual fund is better than a regular mutual fund.

“I hope now you understand which is the best online mutual fund investment platform. If anyone has any query or suggestion please ask in the comment box.”

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