Best Date For SIP Investment In Mutual Funds & Stocks

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Most of the investors are confused which is the best date for SIP and what is the right time to invest in Mutual funds & Stocks.

Your financial planner/Investment Advisor may suggest that the 5th to 10th of the month is best for SIP investment.

But trust me guys investing in any mutual fund or stocks at the starting of the month, not a great deal.

Then why your financial planner/Investment advisor ask you to start your SIP at the beginning of the month?

Because they focus only on their commission.

Every common salaried person will get their salary at the beginning of the month.

And your financial planner/Investment advisor asks you to set your SIP date after 2 or 3 days of your salary.

Because if you set your SIP date in the middle of the month or last of the month, You may skip your SIP due to any emergency or Non-availability or cash in your account.

So, Always your advisor suggests you set your SIP date nearby the salary date.

Here I will suggest to you, how you can increase your return 1% by changing your SIP investment date.

Before starting investing trow SIP, you need to understand what is SIP and why it important for a salaried person.

Best Date For SIP

What Is SIP?

When you invest some of the amounts in any Mutual fund or Stock systematically. It is known as a systematic investment plan (SIP).

SIP amount is debit from the investor’s bank account on the set date.

SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) will help you reduce market risk.

If you are not well known about the stock market SIP investment is the best option for you.

Example Of SIP Investment:-

If you invest Rs.1000/- per month in a mutual fund or stock on a particular date for the long term.

It’s called a systematic investment plan (SIP)

Best Date For SIP

Why SIP Is Important?

As a normal salaried person, you are unable to track or study the stock market on a regular basis.

So, you are not able to understand stock market downs and ups.

At this stage, SIP investment is a great idea.

By investing in stocks on an SIP basis you are free from market risk.

SIP will help you to buy stocks or NAV of a mutual fund every stage.

You no need to worry about you buy NAV or stock at a high price or low price.

For example:-

If you invest in stock through SIP, You buy stock on 1 month at a rate of Rs.50, In the next month you buy the stock at a rate of Rs.60, In 3rd month you buy the same stock at Rs.45 and in 4th month you buy the stock at Rs.70.

Here in the above example, you can see that A single stock bought at different rates.

Due to many reasons, market conditions may change continuously and SIP investment will help you to reduce market risk.

Best Date For SIP

Best Date For SIP Investment.

The long term investor is always concern about the best date for SIP.

By changing the SIP date you can earn a 1% additional return.

1% return a very big amount for long term investors.

As per studies the BEST Date for SIP Investment in Mutual Funds and Stock Market are as follows

  • End of the month.
  • Near the date of expiry.

End Of The Month.

If you start your SIP every month 25th to 30th.

Then you can generate a 1% additional return on your investments compared to any other day of the month.

Near The Date Of Expiry.

As per the historical data the market trade at the lower level during the entire month of expiry.

And the reason for the market at a lower level near expiry is unwinding the position by traders.

If you start SIP nearby the expiry date it will give you the best return.

I hope now you understand Which is the best date for SIP. If any query or suggestions regarding SIP please comment in below comment box.

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