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About Multibaggercalls.com

The “Multibaggercalls.com” is an educational website/blog, Here on this blog, I tried to teach how you can invest in stock/share market with less risk and minimize the stock maker losses.

Here I will share my personal opinions about the Stock market, Latest stock market news, the reaction of stock on the basis of News, etc..

Here you will get all information for free of cost we will not charge anything for these information.

The aim of this website/blog is to help new traders/Investor make correct investment decisions.

About Me/Author

My Name is “Gashik” I’m a stock market Traders and as well as an Investor.

I start my stock market journey from 2018 and still it continued.

After taking too many losses from the stock market I learn how really stock marker work.

Now 20% of my trade convert in Investment am my 70% to 80% of trades are accurate.

So, I decided to share my knowledge with new Traders and Investors to help them limit their losses.

Here in this blog, I will share:-

  • How did I learn the stock market?
  • What are the things I follow?
  • How I can become successful in the stock market?

I hope this information will very helpful for new traders and investors.

If any Traders/Investors have any query or confusion regarding content available this blog.

They can contact us throw our Contact Us form or e-mail us @ [email protected]. 

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