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About Multibaggercalls.com

Hi, Traders/Investors welcome to  “MultibaggerCalls.com”, At Multibagger calls, I will share my personal opinions about the Stock market, Business ideas, Latest stock market news and reaction of stock on the basis of News.

We provide the latest stock market news and update directly from your entertainment industry with my personal view.

About Me


My Name is “Gashik” I’m a stock market Trader and as well as an Investor.

20% of my trade convert in Investment. My 70% to 80% of trades are accurate.

I decided to share my knowledge with other Traders and Investors.

Here in this blog, I will share:-

  • How did I learn the stock market?
  • What are the things I follow?
  • How you can become successful in the stock market?

It’s very helpful for other trader and investors, who is beginners in the stock market. Who has no idea about the selection of stock?


Remember all information sharing on this blog is my personal opinion, I’m not a SEBI authorized agent.

Don’t take any Investment decision on the basis of information available on this blog.

This Blog is only for education and informational purpose. If anyone takes Investment decision on details available on this blog, I’m not responsible for your Loss.

Before taking any investment decision do your won analysis or ask your financial adviser.

If any Traders/Investors has any query or confusions regarding content available this blog.

They can contact us throw our Contact Us form or e-mail us @ admin@multibaggercalls.com. 

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