Best Stock Screener For Fundamental Analysis

By | December 13, 2020
Best Stock Screener

Hello, Traders  & Investors welcome to another article of “”. Here in this article, I suggest you one of the best stock screener for fundamental analysis.

This screener helps you to do fundamental analysis easily.

You need to read the complete article, At the end of the article, I have provided a “Custom query” code.

By applying this code you can find Multibagger stocks very easily.

By using the “” stock screener you can do fundamental analysis very easily. is one of the best stock screener available in the market.

Here I explained how to use this screener.

How To Use For Fundamental Analysis? is one of the most popular and my favorite stock screener for fundamental analysis.

It’s come with a user-friendly interface.

This Screener is used by many professional investors for fundamental analysis.

To use this screener, you need to input the company name in the Search box and click on the search button.

It will take you to a new Page.

Where you will get all the information about the particular stock. also provides you to create your own personal watch-list.

Here you will get the important ratio of a particular stock. provides a facility to add Ratio by clicking on “Add Quik Ratio” (e.g. PEG, ROE, EPS, Promoter Holding, etc.) as you can see in the above Screenshot.

At you can see a Price graph, Which will help you understand the trend of a particular stock.

This screener also shows your section, Which containing the pros and cons of the particular stock.

It’s helpful for fundamental analysis.

In this screener, You can see a readymade peer comparison list of the same sector. It will show you the leader stock of the same sector.

Here you can get a readymade quarterly result comparison for the last 12 quarters.

It is a good thing to compare companies’ quarterly growth. 

By analyzing this data you will get an idea of how the company is performing quarterly. also provides Standalone and Consolidated Profit & Loss figures on a single screen.

Which is save you more time.

It also shows the compounded sales growth, profit growth and returns on equity For 10Years, 5 Years & 3Years.

Standalone and Consolidated view of the Balance sheet for 12 years is another interesting feature of

Here you can see cash flow analysis year on year for a particular stock on Standalone and Consolidated basis.

Screener recently 2 new features 1st Ratios and 2nd share holder pattern

shareholding pattern will helps you to understand promoter and others share holding percentage.

One of the best parts of is it provides you Recent announcements, Annual reports, and Credit rating of a particular stock.

By adding a stock to your watchlist, you can get a regular update on your email ID.

Features Of Stock Screener 

There are a lot of features available in Like – Export to Excel, Watchlist, Automatic Alerts, Custom Columns & Ratios, Pros&Cons, etc.

I will explain my favorite features that I use. It simplifies the fundamental analysis.

Custom Ratios:- allows you to add custom ratios as per your wish.

You can add PEG Ratio, ROCE, ROE, Return on invested capital, Sales growth, Debt to equity ratio, etc.

None of the other stock screeners provide you this type of custom ratio feature.

Pros & Cons:-

Another interesting feature is it shows you the Pros & Cons of the particular stock.

This feature helps you to understand the overall performance of the stock without doing any research.

Automatic Alerts:-

The automatic alert system very useful feature of this screener.

By adding a stock to the watchlist you can get regular updates of stock on your registered mail Id.

By using this feature you no need to track your stock on a regular basis. will send the latest update, Announcement, Quarterly & Anual result, etc. to your registered e-mail ID on a regular basis.

How To Find Multibagger Stocks Using

Here I have provided you my personal method of find Multibagger stocks. simplify your process of finding Multibagger stocks.

Let me explain to you how you can find Multibagger stock using the “Query system” of

Step1:- To run a query system you need to click on the sign to and click on tools and click on create new screen.

Step 2:- Enter your query in the Search box.

Query:- Use the below Query to find Multibagger stock.

Market Capitalization > 500 AND
Promoter holding > 30 AND
Sales growth 5Years > 15 AND
Profit growth 5Years > 15 AND
Debt to equity < 1 AND Net cash flow last year > 1 AND
PEG Ratio < 1 AND Return on capital employed > 15 AND
Return on invested capital > 15 AND
Pledged percentage < 1

Step 3:- Then Click on Run This Query button.

The List of Stock shown on your screen is capable to become future Multibalgger stocks.

My Personal Opinion:- As per my personal view is an amazing tool for fundamental analysis with lots of interesting features, I’m using the same from the last 2 years for fundamental analysis.

I hope now you understand which is the best stock screener for fundamental analysis. If anyone has any queries or suggestion please ask in the comment box.

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