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Stock Market News On WhatsApp For Free

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Hello, Traders and Investors welcome another article of “Multibaggercalls.com”. Here in this article, I’m going to share a source, where you get regular stock market news on WhatsApp.

It’s totally free and user-friendly, You can also create your own watchlist to get regular stock price update during marketing hours.

How To Get Stock Market News On WhatsApp?

It’s very difficult for Traders/Investors to get stock market news on time, Who working in any private firm and investing in the stock markets.

And, Stock market news is very important for every traders/investor.

Without proper and correct information about Stocks and Stock market, Trading and Investing in any security is like gambling.

Now it’s very easy to get the stock market news on regular basis on your WhatsApp.

By subscribing WhatsApp News & Stock alerts of  Bloomberg | Quint.

Bloomberg Quint is also offering news & stock alerts on Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

Bloomberg Quint provides you podcast message on every morning.

Which contains the latest news of the stock market as well as trade setup for the day.

It helps you to understand the overall trend of the stock market.

Bloomberg Quint is the best option for traders/investor who trade/invest in the Indian stock market.

Traders/investor who invests in the India stock market Must Subscribe for Bloomberg Quint stock market news alert.

How to Subscribe For Bloomberg | Quint Stock Market News Alert?

Subscribing for Bloomberg Quint News & Stock Market alert is an easy process.

Just Save  +49 1579 2373619″ on your mobile phone.

And, Refresh your WhatsApp contact list now send a “Hello” message to the same number to activate the News & Stock Market alert.

On this service, you will get 5-8 updates a day.

You can search for the latest news with a hashtag e.g. #GST #Election #Market #India etc.

If you are interested in knowing details on stock price etc.

Type stock and name e.g. stock Wipro, stock HDFClife, stock Yesbank etc.

You can create your personalized watchlist by adding up to 10 stocks and get the update at regular intervals.

Type WATCHLIST and in 3 easy steps start tracking your preferred stocks.

It’s very simple and convenient. Just add stock by sending Add Stock name or Add Stock Code e.g. Add WIPRO or Add 507685.

These update will be sent to you over the weekdays from Monday to Friday.

To see your stock watchlist send My Stocks. 

In case you want to remove any stock from the list just send Remove Stock name. 

The default alert time is 09:15 AM and 3:30 PM IST.

You can change the alert time by typing:- Set alert1 to time, Set alert2 to time, Set alert3 to time.

e.g. Set alert3 to 11:30 AM.

You can deactivate this service by sending “WL Deactivate”.


By subscribing stock market news alert of Bloomberg Quint. You will get a regular stock market update on your Mobile phone.

You can also create your own watchlist at Bloomberg Quint.

Bloomberg Quint will provide you price alert of stocks which you added in the watchlist.

Note: I’m using this service since from March 2018. If you Did not like this service you can Stop this service by sending “Stop”.

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