15 Multibagger Stocks For Next 10 Years [Hidden Gems]

If you are searching stock for Multibagger stocks for next 10 years.

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Here you will get a list of the top 15 stocks for a long-term investment that gives you Multiple incomes in the coming future.

Hello, Trades and Investors welcome to another fresh article of “MullibaggerCalls.com”. Here I suggest you top 15 Multibagger stocks that are best for long-term investment.

And at the last, I have suggested 2 penny stocks that have huge future potential to become Multibagger.

These stocks give you multiple returns in the coming future.

Before start investing you need to understand what is multi-bagger stocks.

Always try to choose stocks by doing proper Fundamental analysis Technical analysis.

Investing in stocks without proper analysis is like gambling.

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What Are Multibagger Stocks?

What Are Multibagger Stocks?

Every Investor/Trader who investing/trading in the stock market knows about the Multibagger stocks.

The term multi-bagger use for stocks, Which gives multiple returns short-term.

Or we can say that Stocks that give 100% or more than 100% return are known as multi-bagger.

This term is especially used for high-growth Stocks.

The terms Multibagger is taken from two words “Multi” and “Bagger”.

“Multi” means more than one or many and “Bagger” means bags.

Every Stock is not Multibagger stock. You need to do a proper analysis to find Multibagger stock.

How To Find Multibagger Stocks For Next 10 Years.

How To Find Multibagger Stocks For Next 10 Years.

Here in this article, I explain how to find future Multibagger stocks.

Multibagger Stocks are those Stocks that have the potential to grow multiple times.

Finding the best Multibagger Stock of investment is very difficult.

But by following the below steps you can identify Stocks that give multiple returns in the future.

  • Future Business Potential.
  • Low Debt.
  • Good Performance History.
  • Sources of Earning.
  • Expansion or New Product Development.
  • EPS (Earning Per Share) Vs Valuation.

We use this method to find below mentioned Multibagger Stocks For the Next 10 Years.

To analyze below said steps you need to use any fundamental stock screener.

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Future Business Potential.

Future Business Potential.

The first thing you should check out the business modal and future potential of the company.

You need to check the product and the services provided by the company.

If the product or services is having future demand then the company can make a profit from their product and services and the profit will reflect in the stock price.

Or if the product and services offered by the company are not having future Demand, then definitely the stock will give a negative return.

So, whenever you search for Multibagger stocks you need to check the Future Potential of Business.

Low Debt

Low Debt

The second thing you should be check for Multibagger stock is the Debt Level of the company.

There is no debt level defined for the selection of Multibagger Stock.

It will vary from industry to industry. Preferably a company should be debt-free.

But finding a debt-free company is more difficult because every company needs credit for the Expansion or development of products and services.

So, you can look for a low-level debt company.

The logic working behind the debt of the company is that if the debt level is high the company will spend more money for repayment of debt.

To identify the multi-bagger stock, You can consider a company that has a debt of not more than 30% of the equity value.

Good Performance History

Good Performance History

The third thing you should check the company’s net profit margin and revenue on a quarter-on-quarter basis as well as on a yearly basis.

Multibagger stocks are a consistent Profit maker.

You can easily check the performance history of any company by visiting the NSE & BSE and the Official website of the company.

Sources of Earning

Sources of Earning

The next to identify Multibagger stock is Sources of earnings. Along with the revenue numbers of the company.

You have to check sources from which the company is making money.

If Yes! Then the Stock may be the Future Multibagger Stock.

Expansion or New Product Development

Expansion or New Product Development

The fifth thing you should be check business expansion or new product development.

Is the company is working on the expansion of the product/services or the development of new products/services?

If the company is not doing anything to Expansion/develop its product and services, then it’s very difficult to grow in day by day changing the market situation.

So, always look for those company’s stock, which considerate on the expansion/development of new products.

EPS Vs Valuation

EPS Vs Valuation

The last thing you should check to find future Multibagger stock is EPS growth Vs Valuation.

The EPS means profit divided by the number of shares.

The EPS of the stock must be at a reasonable level and the Valuation of the stock should not be very high.

If the valuation of the stock is very high then it is not Multibbagger Stock.

So, always select a stock that has reasonable level EPS and attractive valuation.

In addition to the above, You can also check factors such as Management of the Company, Business diversification, Dividend Payout, etc. It’s Known as Qualitative Analysis.

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Best 15 Multibagger Stocks For Next 10 Years.

Best 15 Multibagger Stocks For Next 10 Years.

All the stock listed in the below table is as per my personal analysis.

All the stocks are fundamentally strong and have the future potential to become Multibagger.

I have already created a position in the below-listed stocks.

Some of the stocks have already give Multiple returns and have more potential to grow more.

List of Multibagger Stocks For Next 10 Years

SLName Of The StocksOperating Sector
1Indraprastha Gas Ltd.Chemicals sector
2Infosys Ltd.Information Technology sector
3Colgate-Palmolive (India) Ltd.Personal Care sector
4Titan Company Ltd.Consumer Durables sector
5Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL)Personal care sector
6Asian Paints LtdPaints and Pigments sector
7Larsen & Toubro Ltd.Capital Goods sector
8Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.Auto sector
9HDFC Bank Ltd.Private Banking sector
10ITC Ltd.Tobacco sector
11Maharashtra Seamless Ltd.Iron and Steel sector
12Cyient LimitedInformation Technology sector
13Mahanagar Gas Ltd.Petroleum sector
14Persistent Systems Ltd.Information Technology sector
15Hawkins Cooker Ltd.Consumer Durables sector

All the above stocks are best Multibagger stocks of India for next 10 years.

These stocks are fundamentally strong stocks.

You just need to do technical analysis before creating a position in these stocks.

Technical analysis helps you to find the best entry-level in stock.

2 Bonus Penny Stocks for you!

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FAQ On Multibagger Stocks.

Where can I find Multibagger stock?

Here above I have listed some stocks, which have the potential to become the future Multibagger.
If you want to do research you can use a fundamental stock screener, where you can find more Multibagger stocks.

How Stocks Become Multibagger?

When you invest in a stock, and the same stock you multiple incomes it’s called Multibagger. 
Example:- If you invest Rs.100 in stock and the same stock gives you Rs.1000.

How Much Time To Take A stock To become Multibagger?

There is no particular time to become a Multibagger, It would happen any time, Maybe it takes 2 to 3 months or 2 to 3 years.
It totally depends on the performance of the stocks.


All the above-listed stocks are only for educational and informational purposes. Do your own analysis or ask your financial planner before making any investment decision.

I hope now you understand which are the best Multibagger Stocks For Next 10 Years and how to find Multibagger stocks for long-term investment. If anyone has any queries or suggestions please ask in the comment box.

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