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How To Learn Stock Market Investment | The Complete Guide


Hello, Traders & Investors welcome to another fresh article of “Multibaggercalls.com”. If you want to “Learn Stock Market”. Then you are on the right page.

After reading the complete article, You will get an idea about where to start.

I’m also a stock market Investor, Here I’m going to explain how I learn the stock market.

I believe in lear and Earn process. If you learn more then you can earn more.

Learn Stock Market On Youtube!

Yes! Friends, Youtube is one of the best platforms to learn stock market investment.

In today’s lifestyle, everybody wants everything fastly.

Youtube will help you to learn stock market Investment fastly.

You Just Need to Follow the below steps:-

  • Go to Youtube.com
  • Type in the search bar “How To Learn Stock Market Investment”

You will get the list of videos uploaded by Youtube creators.

Learn Stock Market On Youtube

There are lots of channels available on Youtube, Which helps you to learn the stock market.

But finding the best is difficult.

If you want to invest in Indian Stock market. And Learn stock market for free.

Then “Nitin Bhatia” Youtube channel in the best option.

As a Swing Trader/Investor, I personally follow him.

Read More Books.

The book reading will help you to gain more knowledge of the stock market.

Here below the list of best books to learn stock market.

  1. Stock Investing For Beginners – John Roberts
  2. The intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham
  3. The Complete Penny Stock Course – Jamil Ben Alluch/Timothy Sykes
  4. Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets – John J Murphy
  5. How to Day Trade for a Living – Andrew Aziz
  6. How to Make Money in Stocks – William J O’Neil
  7. One Up On Wall Street – Peter Lynch
  8. The Little Book of Common Sense Investing – John C Bogle
  9. Understanding Options 2E – Michael Sincere
  10. The Complete Penny Stock Course – Jamil Ben Alluch/Timothy Sykes

These books will help to know more about the stock market.

You can Buy these books from any online portal.

Watch Business News/Read Business newspaper.

If you want to learn more about the stock market.

You need to watch/read business news regularly.

By watching/reading business news, You will get more information about the stock market.

Information is the most impotent in the stock market.

Without proper and correct information, Stock market trading is like gambling.

How much information you gain, the stock market learning is easier.

Do Your Own Analysis

To Learn stock market and become a successful investor.

You need to do your own analysis.

At Youtube, Books and news channels, You will get lots of suggestions, tips, and strategies.

But, before applying the strategies to your trades.

You need to do a proper analysis and backtest of strategies.

If you don’t know how to do proper analysis read my article “Fundamental Analysis – The Complete Guide”

It will help you to do proper Fundamental analysis of any stocks.

And For Backtest, You can use Investing.com or download ChartNexus – best free charting software for technical analysis.


You can easily learn the stock market by following 4 simple steps.

  • Watch Stock market-related Youtube videos.
  • Read Stock market-Related Books.
  • Regularly Watch/Read Businesses News.
  • Do Your Own Analysis.

If you follow all the above steps, You will become a successful stock market investors.

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    • In Paid courese they will teach you 2 to 3 strategies, Maybe It works for 2 or 3 months.

      When the market situation change strategies stop working.

      By learning trading strategies your self, You can create your own strategies according to the market situation.

      Thanks & Regards


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