Invest In Stock Market: Step By Step Guide To Invest

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If you guys are new to the stock market and want to learn the basics of the stock market in India.

You are on the right page!

Here I explained everything that you want to know.

Hello, friends welcome to another fresh article on “”. Here in this article, I explained the basics of the stock market.

Which is important to understand for beginner traders/investors. Entering the stock market without proper and correct information is very risky.

So, read the complete article carefully and ask your doubt in the comment box.

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What Is Stock Market?

What Is Stock Market?

When the Companys need funds to expand their business, they have two options 1st borrow from Bank and pay interest or issue the shares to the public and pay them profit share.

Most of the company not interested to borrow from the Bank So, they issue the share to the public.

And they list their company at the stock exchange.

These stock exchanges are known as the stock market or share market.

In the stock market, traders buy and sell the shares of companies.

In India, there are mainly 2 stock exchanges BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE (National Stock Exchange).

Most of the companies are listed on both stock exchanges.

What Is the Difference Between BSE & NSE?

BSE & NSE both are stock exchanges. Where companies are listed for the trading of shares.

Some of the Companies are listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and some are listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

Most of the companies are listed on both exchanges.

The only difference in both exchanges is the price of the stock.

The stock price may be different in both exchanges.

All other things are the same in both stock exchanges.

There are three types of works in the share market where people work.

  1. Cash market.
  2. Future market.
  3. Option market.

I hope now you understand the basics of stock market in India and how to buy sell stocks. If anyone has any queries or suggestions regarding the stock market please ask in the comment box.


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