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Best Free Charting Software For Technical Analysis

Free Software For Technical Analysis

Hello, Traders/Investors welcome to another fresh article of “MultibaggerCalls.com”, Today I’m going to introduce free software for technical analysis. I personally use it for technical analysis.

Technical analysis is very important for every type of traders/investor to identify the entry-level.

Free Software For Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is equally important as a fundamental analysis.

Fundamental analysis shows the financial position of the company, and technical analysis tells you the right time to enter the stock.

Most of the technical analyzing software is paid and you need to purchase the same for use.

Some of the software is free but you need to pay for feeds. Feeds mean the data of stocks (eg. Price, Volume, etc.).

Which is not affordable for new traders/investors.

I have also seen people using the cracked version of paid software.

By using cracked version software, You are putting your PC/Laptop under risk.

If you are looking for safe and powerful free charting software for technical analysis,  then ChartNexus is the best option.

ChartNexus has come with lots of indicators and it’s very easy to use.

How to Download ChartNexus?

Downloading ChartNexus is very easy, It’s totally free to download and install.

Follow the below in Steps to download and Install the ChartNexus.

Before start download, You need to install the latest version of Java

Step 1:- Visit the official website of ChartNexus and click on software. http://www.chartnexus.com

Step 2:- Click on the software option.

Step 3:- Click on the Download button.

Step 4:- Choos your operating system.

Step 5:- Proceed for the download and install the software.

After Installation of software, You need an open account with ChartNexus.

So, Open an account and enjoy the software for lifetime free.


“ChartNexus” is a better option for technical analysis instead of using any cracked software.

ChartNexus comes with lots of indicators and amazing features and ChartNexus is also available on Mobile.

Note:- I personally use this software since 2016. It’s very easy to use.


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